Pianist – Diana Pand


Why should I hire Pianist, Diana Pand for my special event?

Diana will assist you every step of the way to make sure the music at your event is unsurpassed.

I want to use Pianist, Diana Pand for my wedding ceremony. What can I expect?

She will begin playing as your guests begin to arrive, usually 20-30 minutes before the ceremony. In a typical ceremony, Diana will play three pieces for the Processional: one for the mothers, one for the attendants, and music for the bride. She will play any music you might want during the ceremony, such as for the lighting of the unity candle. At the close of the ceremony, Diana will play Recessional music as you and your delighted guests depart.

Yes! I want to hire Pianist, Diana Pand for my special event. What now?

Great! Diana will send her contract to you. In order to secure your time, you will need to return a signed copy along with a deposit for half of the fee. Then she will begin working with you to plan the music that will make your event special. The remainder of the fee must be paid two weeks before your event.

Yikes! I’m not very familiar with classical music. How do I choose my selections?

You don’t need to worry! As a part of the fee, Diana is happy to offer one private consultation to assist you in selecting your music. If you wish, you may depend entirely on the experience and knowledge of Pianist, Diana Pand in selecting music that is appropriate for your occasion – joyous Baroque for a wedding Prelude, upbeat show tunes for receptions, or elegant classical music for your anniversary celebration or corporate event.

My aunt is going to sing during my ceremony. Can you accompany her?

Yes! Diana will be happy to communicate directly with her ahead of time to plan out musical details. If a rehearsal is necessary, Diana can meet with her at the venue before the festivities. The amount of rehearsal time needed depends on the complexity of the music. A fee may apply if extra rehearsal time is needed.

How will you know when to start the processional music?

Diana will need a signal from a representative or a bridal coordinator.

How will the Pianist dress?

Diana’s dress attire will be formal unless otherwise requested: black or dark colored evening gown.

What do you require at the venue?

All Diana needs is a grand or upright piano.

Will you play outdoors?

Yes, as long as conditions will still allow Diana to provide quality music and keep the piano/keyboard protected.

Can we book you for our reception after the wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! Diana’s extensive repertoire ranges from early Baroque music to modern show tunes – and everything between.

My wedding ceremony and reception are at two different locations. How do we proceed?

Diana will simply charge for the full length of the engagement, including time to travel between venues.

Other than weddings, what other events are suitable for your music?

Diana has performed at recitals, corporate events, fundraisers, birthday parties, holiday events, anniversary parties, conventions, malls, restaurants, house concerts or any event asking for some live piano music.

Will my guests be able to talk while you are playing?

Yes, the piano music will be background music- your guests will be able to talk comfortably.

What is your musical background?

Diana has her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Eastern Michigan University. She also studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria (Mozart’s birthplace). As well as performing, Diana teaches piano to children from the age of four through high school.

How can I contact you?

Please call 404-969-8353 or email at piano@dianapand.com